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STEEDS: Spatio-Temporal Environmental and Ecosystem Data Sharing

The Spatio-Temporal Environmental and Ecosystem Data Sharing (STEEDS) project serves the long-tail of scientists analyzing local ecological data by facilitating with minimal effort: 1) the publication of their data using ontologies of their choice, 2) the integration of their data with CO datasets, 3) the analysis of their data through pre-defined community workflows that automatically generate process metadata, and 4) sharing of their results documented with all the metadata and provenance generated by the system.

The activities are focused on enabling aquatic ecoystems scientists to synthesize data in a matter of hours to days rather than months, so they can invest more intellectual capacity and time on interpreting complex ecosystem behavior and therefore be much more adept at seeing cause and effect. They become live witnesses, instead of post-fact detectives, opening the door to proactive prevention of undesirable policies and ecological disasters.



Yolanda Gil

Craig Knoblock

Pedro Szekely

Varun Ratnakar

Ewa Deelman


Tom Harmon
UC Merced

Paul Hanson

Adarda Ztacea
Pacific Ocean

Chris Duffy
Penn State




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